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Houston Locksmith – Security Locks For Businesses.

This Locksmith Article is provided by houston local locksmith. If you own a retail store, protecting your investment as well as your livelihood then you want to ensure that your store is as burglary proof as possible. The top 10 security locks for retail stores should provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your own retail store.

The most popular locks for retail stores include cylindrical locks, mortise locks, and deadbolt locks. Cylindrical locks are at the top of the list when it comes to popularity for schools and commercial offices. Mortise locks provide a bit more security as they are more durable and are seen in high traffic businesses, industrial, government, and institutional facilities. Deadbolts are often used as an added measure for the times when no workers are present on the property.


Houston Locksmith – Cylindrical Locks.

The Schlage Plymouth Design is one of the most popular for commercial locksmith usage. This door lock can be found in the D series, which are known for being heavy-duty commercial locksmith grade. Even though you will find these in the residential market, they were designed for commercial locksmith usage including hospitals, industrial facilities, and retail stores. (713)561-3733.

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The Schlage Knob Cylinder with BiLock Core is revolutionary as it uses 12 bottom pins and one trigger pin with a unique u shaped key. The lock offers a dual sidebar locking system that uses the bottom pins only which makes it completely bump proof. This lock fits into the majority of lever and knob locks. (713)561-3733.

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The BiLock Rim Cylinder is similar to the lock above with only a few differences. The features are the same with the 12 bottom pins and u shaped key. The difference is that this one will work with panic bars and the one above does not work with panic bars. (713)561-3733.

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Cylindrical Leverset Genesys series offers an extra heavy-duty clutch style lever set. The lock offers six pin in sold brass and was created for usage at offices, retail stores, dormitories, and residential homes. (713)561-3733.

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The Mortise cylinder with BiLock Core is a secure lock that works with most of the mortise locks on the market today once again using the 12 bottom pins and u shaped keys. The design of the keys makes it impossible for burglars to pick the lock or replicate the key. (713)561-3733.

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The Cal Royal mortise lock with the TE trim offers a variety of uses. The lock was designed for uses such as offices, classrooms, storerooms, and retail stores. The lock comes in a different finishes including brushed brass, polished brass, polished chrome, brushed chrome, and oil rubbed bronze. The popularity of this lock is due to the latch and deadbolt retracting with one motion of the lever handle. (713)561-3733.

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The Schlage Grade 1 is one of the most dependable and heavy-duty retail locks. The 6-pin full-face cylinder and deadbolt combination is one that many store owners rely on to protect their investment. The metal plate above the lever is just an added enhancement created for high traffic areas. (713)561-3733.

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The Bump Proof Bi-lock ULT 360 offers the best in high security cylinder locks with deadbolt action. The bilock offers a 12-pin system instead of the normal six for better security as well as provides bump proof. The only keys that work are U-shaped with sex cuts on both sides making it every more burglar proof. This deadbolt is perfect for added protection for residential homes as well as retail stores. Choices for colors are polished brass, dull chrome, and oil rubbed bronze. (713)561-3733.

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The Schlage Double Cylinder deadbolt is another unique deadbolt that offers the ability to lock the door from either side with a key. With the doubling locking action, many retail stores enjoy the security when the store is not open but employees are there doing inventory or other work before or after closing. (713)561-3733.

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The Cal Royal Chelsea Double Cylinder deadbolt may be the most popular of all the retail store deadbolts as it offers a 1 inch throw that is hardened with a steel pin that prevents a burglar from sawing the lock. The best thing of all is that this lock is made for either right or left handed doors, which is not often found. (713)561-3733.

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